Solar PV System ROI with EV Calculator
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EV and Usage Information
Electric Vehicle Presets:
Average EV Range:
EV Battery Capacity:
kWh (85% Charge Efficiency)
Monthly Commute:
EV kWh Required:
Solar Panel Information
Panel Output:
Watts each
Average Daily Sunlight:
hrs / day
PV Installed Cost:
$ / Watt
30% Fed Tax Credit:
To determine your average daily sunlight exposure find the US city nearest to you on this chart: Solar Power Insolation for US Cities
PV system cost per watt reference: www.affordable-solar.com
Other Fuel Source Costs
Fuel Cost / MPG:
$ / gal
@ mpg
Electricity Cost:
$ / kWh
Projected Year over Year Costs
Gasoline YoY Increase:
Electricity YoY Increase:
Default data is YoY percentage rate increases from the last 10 years. Source: www.eia.gov
PV System ROI Interactive Chart