A Few Days at the Races With Team Icon Brammo

Brammo – North American TTXGP Champions

Being a fan of Brammo has its benefits, but I never expected to receive the VIP treatment that I enjoyed when I finally got around to meeting Team Icon Brammo this last weekend at Miller for the North American TTXGP championship. What an awesome weekend!


My trip started about 600 miles away in Littleton, CO. Packing up the car, I included the essentials of any road trip, beef jerky… and other stuff that is not worth mentioning. After punching the address into my Cruze’s  navigation system, I found that Miller Motorsports Park apparently doesnt exist to GM… Something to do with that Ford Museum they have there? Not sure, but after some toying with the nav system I was on my way. The trip took me up i25 to i80 through Wyoming, into Utah where Tooele is located just outside of Salt Lake City. Parts of i80 were lined with wind generators, very cool:

Wyoming i80 Wind Turbines

By the time I had arrived at the hotel it was 2:45pm.  I could not wait to get to the track, but I was smelling not so hot from the long drive, time to hit the shower… check my phone and see this tweet:

@TTXGP: Qualifying session just started Eric Bostrum hauling ass… #bosbros#brammo

Obviously, I needed to get to the track ASAP! Thank god for google maps (and a lack of posted speed limits).

Finally,  after 9 hours of driving I arrive at Miller, but I soon discover that I had JUST missed qualifying entirely. I was a little bummed at first,  but excitement soon took over when I saw the team and the bikes. After some confusion (on my part) about who I was supposed to meet, and where I was supposed to meet them, I made it to the correct garage where I see a handful of fellas with Brammo shirts. Unfortunately, I dont recognize any of them. Simple solution. I  introduce myself and try not to raise my arms. Remember, 9 hour car ride, no shower yet. I first met Aaron Bland, Brammo’s super friendly Mechanical Engineer who introduced me to a beautiful set of Empulse RR’s going over them in a level of detail only an engineer could. Joe Wismann (Brammo’s Director of Operations), who had just arrived after picking up another team member at the airport, introduced me to a few more of the team members, all very friendly guys. I even got to chat with Eric Bostrom about his insanely fast qualifying run (1:40.53) taking pole position. Eric is probably one of the coolest guys I have ever met. He is very down to earth considering he’s an AMA legend.

Unfortunately,  I missed all the action on the first day but still got a chance to take some cool pictures and meet some really great people. Go-carts and a BBQ were a perfect end to the day.  Good times! BTW Brammo was kind enough to pay for everything while I was there. (go-carts, bbq, lunch, etc.) These guys REALLY know how to treat their fans.  It was awesome!


Race day… I arrived at the track around 8am so I could capture some video of Eric Bostrom’s practice run. Check it out:

The race was scheduled at 10:30am, so after watching Eric’s practice run I had some time to burn. Luckily, there was all sorts of neat things going on at Miller in addition to the North American TTXGP championship. The AHRMA (American Historical Racing Motorcycle Association) was there too, and I got to see dozens of classic motorcycles and even some side-car races! Very entertaining to watch, these people are insane!

Sidecar Racing! 100+mph Better hold on!

Later in the day the sidecar folks announced that they where offering trips around the track in the sidecar to whomever wanted one, but you needed your own protective gear. Unfortunately, I left my onesie and helmet at home so no sidecar trip for me. Bummer. :( , perhaps next time…

Got to check out some really neat classic bikes:

Finally it was Race Time! I could go over the actual race in detail, but there’s really not much I can mention here without giving my readers information they dont already know. So, just to summarize, E-Boz and Steve-O kicked ass giving Brammo 1st and 2nd place respectively, not to mention the North American TTXGP championship title thanks to the man Steve Atlas.

While the race was still exciting to watch it wasn’t even close for Brammo, though no contention was expected given that team Lightning could not make an appearance. The world championship later this next month at Daytona should have a much more competitive grid. I managed to get my picture take with these guys near the podium after they were done spraying the Team Brammo guys with champagne! (Wish I got that on video)


In closing, I would like to Thank Brammo for letting me join in on the fun!  It was awesome, and Im looking forward to seeing everyone at Daytona! Huge thanks to Joe Wismann as well! He really went out of his way to make me feel like part of the team, very much appreciated.

  1. Gavin says:

    Very nice…Yeah the Brammo people are great. Very friendly.
    Glad you had fun. I plan to make Miller next year as it looks so much more intimate than Seca…which was just CRAZY 24-7.

    • EmpulseBuyer says:

      Yeah, I was surprised how low key everything was there. I got beyond the gate without a ticket, all I had to say was that I was with Brammo and they just let me in, practically no questions asked. Very cool experience… and everyone knew you Gavin :-)

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