My Latest Impulse Purchase:

That’s right folks I am the proud owner of a new domain:! I intend to change my website to the moment I lay hands on my Empulse sometime next year. I figure that if I already own an Empulse the name EmpulseBuyer will no longer make sense, unless of course I continue to buy Empulses. Unfortunately, though they are quite affordable, I can only afford one. I dont think my wife would appreciate me filling up the garage with my Empulse collection either.

Once I have my Empulse, you can count on plenty of in depth reviews and hundreds of pictures to make you either jealous you don’t have one, or proud that you do! I also plan to review as many accessories as my wallet (and my wife) will allow me to procure. So until then, check back often for more Brammo related updates and mindless speculation on the subject… and maybe even another app, who knows!

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