Tomorrow! EmpulseBuyer becomes EmpulseRider!

erI dont think that I can adequately express my excitement in words… With my blog unfortunately getting sidelined over the last six months I really haven’t expressed much in words at all. Hopefully that will change very soon as I have somewhat of a backlog of reviews and other information that I would like to get posted. Lots of things going on including one Brammo related side project that I will discuss in another post.

After three years of blogging, programming app thingies, and generally being impatient, the day is almost here. Huge thanks to Brammo and everyone over at for building an incredible community of customers and fans. Heck, I havent even gotten my Empulse yet and its already been one hell of a ride.

  1. KarlInSanDiego says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing all your insights. I was thoroughly impress with a test ride I got.

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