EmpulseBuyer – Brammo Evangelist of the Year!

Soon after arriving in Daytona Beach, FL to attend the TTXGP world championship this last weekend I found out that I had been chosen as Brammo Evangelist of the year! That was great news by itself, but here’s the kicker, along with the title of Brammo Evangelist of the year Brammo threw in a brand new Empulse R!! I realize that’s a bit ironic considering my current moniker (EmpulseBuyer), but Im certainly not going to complain ;-). I do also own the domain EmpulseRider.com, and as soon as I receive my Empulse this sites name will change. (Both domain names will still point here.) I also own the domain EmpulseForum.com, which I will cover in another post.

I realize I am certainly not the only one out there actively promoting Brammo, and so many others really deserve credit, namely BrammoFan aka Harry Mallin, the original Brammo Evangelist. He was not only instrumental in starting the evangelist program but assisted me from the very beginning, helping greatly with the development of the Electric Motorcycle TCO app. So,  a special thanks to Harry, and to the rest of the evangelist team over at BrammoForum.com!

Im extremely excited to receive my white Empulse R! Now that I actually (almost) own an Empulse I hope I will do Brammo proud and I plan to continue to promote their products and help them achieve there mission of “Changing The World 2 Wheels At A Time“! Huge thanks Brammo!

  1. KarlInSanDiego says:

    Yay! You deserve it and I know we can count on you to keep the rest of us excited about it!

  2. Brammofan says:

    Hey – thanks for the hat tip. You deserve this, Jeremy! Can’t wait till you get your bike. Right now, you should be stocking up on all your cold weather gear, though, because it’s likely to be a bit chilly when it shows up, but you’re not going to want to wait until Spring to ride. I’m going to have to pay you a visit the next time in Colorado – next September, probably. I’ll want a ride, if you find room in your heart to share by then.

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