Brammo Empulse: The Wait is Almost Over

Empulse Assembly Line in Ashland, OR

The 2 year long wait is almost over and I couldn’t be more excited to finally get my hands on the Empulse! It has been a crazy ride…pun intended.

I remember first hearing about the Brammo Enertia back in 2009. In fact,  this is the very Autoblog article that sparked my interest in Brammo. Soon after, I discovered that someone had actually been writing a blog dedicated to Brammo! This was someone who did not even own a Brammo (at the time).  The articles were entertaining to read,  and I found the writer’s enthusiasm for Brammo and the Enertia highly contagious. I was pretty much sold on the Enertia at the time. The bike looked great, had decent performance, and the limited 40 mile range was more than adequate for my commute.  My round trip to work is 18 miles. (Note that the new Enertia Plus model now has 80+ miles range!)

The 2010 riding season was in full swing. I was about to throw in the towel and purchase the Enertia when… (insert dramatic pause here)…the Empulse was announced! I vividly remember seeing it for the first time on Engadget. I thought WOW! This absolutely had to be my next motorcycle! I was sold on its looks alone, but the 100+mph top speed and the impressive 100 mile range were icing on the cake. I can honestly say I have never been this excited about a product! This blog should be proof of that. :)

And so, the wait began. Unfortunately, the initial one year wait became a two year wait after Brammo had decided to delay production in order to add the IET (Integrated Electric Transmission) showcased on another prototype, the Engage. These delays were soon followed by disappointment and speculation that the Empulse was actually never going to make it to production. The word “vaporware” was also being thrown around the interwebs in regards to the Empulse. Indeed Brammo has had its fair share of critics over the last few years, but in that same time, they also managed to increase their following of dedicated customers and fans. In fact, the production version of the Empulse itself was a direct result of customer feedback on the prototype model. The delays were necessary to incorporate the requested improvements and produce the best possible product. Judging by Wes Siler’s review the Empulse was definitely worth the wait.

If you are on the pre-order list, by now you should have received an email from Brammo to confirm your order. The following are shots of the production line chugging along nicely. Keep in mind that the first lot of bikes are slated for media review duty, and the second lot will be sent to dealers as demo units… stay patient, deliveries are just around the corner!

  1. Brammofan says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! Soon….

  2. Mark says:

    So…. Any estimations of when they’ll be shipping? Which month?

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